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Sorry for being a bit later than normal! I have been switching time zones too much and forgot what day it was!
I really love how today’s page turned out, it just seems to have a really good balance. I don’t think I achieve a good mix of detail and flow very often – _ -;;

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So I just devoured this whole thing in one sitting, and it’s getting a spot on my permanent list. I love everything about this comic, and thank you for making it.

In particular, I’m fascinated by the horse-like creatures, and Edgar, who remind me of nothing so much as of Madeline L’Engel’s description of Proginoskes, a cherubim in A Wind in the Door. Surreal and otherworldly, and simultaneously terrifying and appealing.

And now we get to the world-building chapter, and it’s just amazing. He said that each city is dedicated to one of the four gods. I find myself wondering if that means this is the City of Death (or perhaps Pestilence, given the decision to treat the ill as doomed?), and if things are run differently (if no more pleasantly) in, say, the City of Conqueror.

Yeah, I’m gonna stick around for this one for quite some time. Again, thanks for the glorious read.

WWWOOOOOOWWWWWW Thank you so muuuuccchhhh!

Yes, yes, yes I am happy to evoke such wonderful work. I draw a LOT of inspiration from the christian bible and it’s imagery, especially seraphim and other angels. My favourite part of the story and process is creating and getting to draw the creatures as well.

So very happy you found the comic and I especially hope you enjoy the rest of this chapter.

Just want to add–after I left my post above, I clicked on the vote button for the Hi-Res version. I’m just gonna say, folks who fail to do that are missing out, big-time! The details… I was expecting the anatomical figures to be as amazing as they are, of course, but the shadows under young Victor’s eyes are so much more striking in the hi-res, and so evocative… Yeah, I think I’m an instant fanboy.

‘Tis an awesome page!

But “their” should be there, and “transfred” transferred.

It’s fascinating to see the ruthless ignorance [?] of that civilisation. Or if not ignorant, perhaps they are in dire need of population reduction and have gone for the harshest possible Darwinian method of eugenics. Heavy stuff either way.

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