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The phrase ‘old souls’ comes to mind for this page.

As well as having those sleep-deprived eyes, Victor seems to possess hands that have seen more lifetimes than his apparent youth implies.

As I’ve said before I love your hand-work (handiwork?) but I wonder now if Victor’s are intended to be ‘afflicted’ in the way his eyes are, or if it’s just your exuberance for drawing hands. I think I remember reading in a How To Draw Manga book that every line you add to a face (or I guess hands) adds years to the subject’s age. The rule doesn’t really apply in a story like this, but I guess I’m asking if you want his hands to seem older and/or having suffered more hardship? Or if you just love giving them a lot more attention than most bother doing.

Either way I love them! In all their angsty, white-knuckled glory here.

I was just talking about this with my sister! Yes, it is a combination of both. Victor has experienced a lot of trauma and hardship in his life so far, so his hands and face are supposed to show the effect of those experiences. HOWEVER a lot of the time I do just go overboard with the detail and thus the hands, and especially under the eyes, end up looking aged quite a bit. I just love,love,love drawing folds and creases in the skin and can’t stop myself.

Thank you for your love and appreciation of the details regardless, haha.

I take back what I said earlier about your art. It’s not excellent. It’s AMAZING. This level of detail is rare.
How long does an average page take to produce from start to finish?

WOW thank you so much. ♡ε♡ Honestly I wish I could simplify a little bit but as I keep going I only seem to get more and more detail with my art.

Oh gosh it takes me so long. (◎ω◎;;) I am embarrassed to say. If I am working the entire day I can finish drawing a page in two-three days and then it takes a few hours for the photoshop edits and text. I am spending longer and longer cleaning up the pages in photoshop too. The nitpicking is out of control! (⊙_⊙’)

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