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Sorry that this is a bit of a filler page dialogue wise..I really wanted to draw more of the Luminaries. *:・゚✧

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I’m sorry, Sailor Venus. You have a heart and a triangle. I tried to look deeper, but sometimes you hit a point where you should just stop and… feel the fire – judging by the configuration of that triangle. I learned, however, that this well-known symbol representing Venus may have come from egyptian ankh! Just like the coptic cross which can be seen in Mercury’s halo. Allusions~

Also an observation: the first ever shown Luminary at the beginning of Chapter 4 didn’t have her forehead and hand eyes blurred by the Holy Light. Probably because the priest is telling a highly “sterilized” version of the story, obfuscating its soul. So it’s better to take the next few pages with a grain of salt (which is also present in Mercury’s halo (!!) heh).

It is so great to have a fellow alchemical symbols enthusiast reading. My love, and heavy inclusion of them later in the story, will not go to waste! ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )

And yes, absolutely take the next few pages with a grain of salt from Mercury. The priest will be quoting the official Holy Book of The Order so some healthy disbelief in this whole ordeal is necessary.

Lovely luminaries. I’m trying to figure out if the more Greek one (upper left) looks a bit disarticulated because the disarticulation has meaning, or if it is just an excuse to draw a truly striking woman in an even more striking pose.
Also, when seaweed mentioned “Sailor Venus” I went to the gemstones as the female symbols at first. I was trying to figure out how diamonds and ellipses came from the ankh … and then I got it.

Oh my gods, that drapery!!!!! Do you ever work in color? I am dying at the thought of vast billowing drapings in scarlett-orange-gold.

ps to Second Miss Luminary: you have the pose but you are not sexy. You are creepy af.

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