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(/ ̄ー ̄)/‥∵:*:☆*゜★。::*☆ Heading into more mythology of the world! Yes! Yes!

I am SO happy to be leaving architecture for awhile and to be able to spend time drawing my true loves; fabrics and anatomy.

Look at that glorious fabric.

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Four brothers, but seven luminaries between them. I sense an imbalance in the distribution of forces.

Just to clarify, the Luminaries are bonded to the citizens of the The Order. Based on the citizens time of birth they become bonded with one of the seven Luminaries, much like having a particular star sign or zodiac. The Luminaries are not divided up depending on the Four Brothers and they do not belong to or associate with any of The Brothers specifically.

You are correct that there is an imbalance however. Death is the main God of The Order which will be more clear in the upcoming narrative.

Cool. So each member of the infernal tetrarchy assigns peons/subjects/thralls to one of the seven aspects, who function in such a way that they’re not choosing between the four.
Grim stuff.
And, as in the actual tetrachy, is there a senior and junior member to each pair and a senior pair besides? Wait, wait, don’t tell me. I shall read on.

Ah, glorious is absolutely the word <3

Ooh, you're #88 on TWC. I voted twice and now you're #84.
It's that magical early time of the month where votes count.

….wait, is this Victor?

Thank youu!!♡

I know! I think I figured it out. Your ranking on the list depends on the amount of votes you have relative to everyone else. At the beginning of the month everyones votes are re-set to zero, so the amount of votes you get does actually count way more! Yesterday I asked for people I knew to vote and I got up to #7 for a couple of minutes! (*≧▽≦)ノ

AHHHHH!!!!!! They’re bonded to a luminary when they’re baptized! Was Victor baptized? OMG, does he not have a luminary big brother figure creepily watching everything he does? Or could that possibly be Edgar….I love it when you give us more of the world’s mythology! <3

Victor was not baptized! He was raised in secret (this part from chapter four) and so no, he does not have a Luminary bond, and that was the reason they wanted to just kill him when he was discovered at the beginning of the story. Being without a Luminary and outside of The Order is virtually unheard of so they consider him threat to the system.

He will literally be referred to by the order as an ‘un-baptized’ for the rest of the story.( 。>▽<。)

Time to dig up notes on alchemical symbols from the time I was obsessed with Gunnerkrigg Court! And… it was in vain. I could lie and claim I recognize parts of tin, lead and bismut, but who’s gonna believe that. At least this Luminary has a sun crown, that’s how we know he’s the Big Boss around here.

Crack theory time! Edgar is the secret 8th Luminary of Pluto, who only shows before the weak and forgotten, such as himself, to offer emotional support and his condolences. OR he’s the one true God of this world, ostracized by the Four Brothers, slowly losing his “humanity” and becoming feral.

By the way, I’m pretty sure the RSS feed for the actual pages doesn’t work? Both comment feeds function just fine, but the general feed only notifies of blog posts, like process journals. Either I’m doing something completely wrong (in which case I’d happy to be corrected), or you might want to look into it.

You are completely right, it is just an alchemical seal not an individual symbol. And yes he is the Luminary of the sun. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

I LOVE THIS EDGAR THEORY! (*〇□〇) Wow wow. I wish I could comment more, but all can say at this point is I am honoured to have such attention and consideration.

Yes! Gah I was told quite awhile ago now that my RSS feed was not working and then promptly forgot to look into it. Thank you for telling me, I will see what is wrong with it.

Good thing I introduced two crack theories at once, so I (or anyone else, for that matter) may never know which one was graced with author’s praise. Your plot related secrets are safe :p

No problem, just thought I’d mention it. Probably wordpress acting out.

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