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Is it strange that my main impression after finishing this page was…poor Ophelia can’t do anything about the hair in her face….

I mean regardless of if she could move her bangs out of the way without scraping up her face..she is in public now so she can’t even attempt. (ㄒoㄒ)

Any how I am sure she is not thinking about that because of being in awe of the temple and all.

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Those glittery, tremulous tears in reality around our hero, ring-tainted Frodo in waiting character with the big eyes and all, call to mind artsy earrings. … and even with my mind thus playing tricks on me with the imagery, it’s still haunting.

Ring-tainted Frodo is the absolute most perfect comparison to what Victor is experiencing at this moment! Hence the enlarging of the eyes…they did get a little too big.. in this panel. (*゚ー゚*) I have never considered it but I think Victor wouldn’t be opposed to some nice jewelry if offered.

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