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Hello everyone! I have entered a piece in the Top Web Comics Halloween contest!
To vote for my entry please go HERE and give the image a like!

The idea was to dress up your characters and because I haven’t done any art outside the world of the actual story yet I thought it would be really fun. ALSO I love Halloween. I bet you couldn’t tell. I am not into dark and spooky themes at all. So I thought long and hard about costumes that would suit my three main characters and here we are! Sweeny Todd costumes! I was… to put it mildly…obsessed with this movie when it came out. Went through a hard Burton phase.

Story note: You can’t actually put clothes on Edgar. Just saying.


Looks like a cross-over with Next Town Over is in order …

Dear lord … I only now noticed the obvious reference to Sweeny Todd in the film version. Forgive me. That’s one of the best reworkings of The Count of Monte Christo ever to reach stage and screen and I just missed the obvious razor reference because I mostly think of the plays.

Ahahahahaha, I love it.

I watched this movie several times when it came out. I did not know the first time that it was a musical at all, and when Depp broke into Sondheim right from the start I was briefly appalled.. and then enthralled. xD

I am also a member of the club of people who have survived a hardcore Burton phase in their life. I still love his quirky visual style but it’s now mostly left my RL wardrobe.. mostly. Danny Elfman’s scores can bring it all rushing back so easily though.

Awesome contest art. Though it’s jarring to see Victor look so confident, and for Clawgirl to look so happy. And whatever Edgar is feeling here, it’s very wrong regardless 😛 Someone will pay for that. (His wonky fingers are beautiful though.)

OH MY GOSH I was in such conflict about making Victor look confident! Haha. My initial plan was to have him holding the razor looking all feeble and unsure but I thought maybe I would make him commit to the character. It was definitely an opportunity to take them out of the context of the story in a big way.

When I fist saw the movie in theatres, the entire theatre laughed when Johnny Depp sang his first note and I had the exact same feeling. “What am I watching here?”

You totally nailed it!
I missed the last page so I hit “previous page” immediately this page came up, and I got just a glance and thought, “wait–? I must have Sweeney Todd on the brain.”
Imagine my delight when I came back and it was Sweeney Todd! Colleen Atwood’s costumes were spectacular. I love the little feathery trim at her neckline.

Although Edgar makes me laugh because I can hear him, “What the–? Am I wearing clothes?”

AH this comment made me so happy! (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑) Believe it or not I studied costume design in University and Colleen Atwood was one of my major inspirations and idols! I have the Sweeney Todd costume sketches saved to this day! They are just incredible!

Hahaha absolutely Edgar is not enjoying having to dress up for this picture at all.

Oh, I totally believe you studied costume design! I almost included in my comment something about your understanding of clothing: it’s obvious that you know how clothes *work* and fill three dimensional space. This doesn’t look like a very talented copy of a picture of these clothes. This looks like you *know* these clothes and drew them as they actually would fit on these bodies.
Are you ever able to go to FIDM to see the Oscar costumes? I love seeing them in person. The Sweeney Todd costumes were spectacular, although I was disappointed that they didn’t have her B&W dress from the last scene.

Atwood is a genius, is she not? My best friend (RIP) was a runway model and worked a lot with Edith Head and Bob Mackie. Her stories!

Oh thank you! Yeah I have always been really interested in drawing fabric and getting it to look right. I am very, very much a fan or fashion in my personal life as well so it’s always been important to me!

I have unfortunately never even been to L.A but YES I would just love to see the costumes in real life. Atwood is just such a genius. Anything she lends her talent to is made so, so much better and her costumes completely define the worlds they are meant to live in.

WOW! I am sure having had personal experiences with those designers would make incredible stories.

How charming! I love this movie. My brother and I sing songs from it all the time. Also, this is one of my top favorite comics now, I just began reading today!

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