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Almost speechless.

As brutal as the content is, you’ve given it elegant form. ;_;

…..oh man I am actually happy you said that. I really love the last two panels, I also think they look beautiful somehow??

YES! In that last panel especially, Victor seems to be developing a kind of stoic dignity in the face of adversity.

Maybe all the wisdom is sinking in and he’s able to rise above the abuse, or at least tune himself out. He seems kind of.. graceful in despair. </3

Absolutely! That is a characteristic of his that I really want to emphasize. It was portrayed in the earlier pages, with his passive attitude towards the doctors and his escape. He has a stutter because of the many years without talking, and he doesn’t like being touched, but aside from that he is un phased by new traumatic things happening to him because so much has happened to him already.

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