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Chapter Five, Page Ten – Process

Chapter Five, Page Ten – Process published on No Comments on Chapter Five, Page Ten – Process

I am always a bit disappointed in my scanners ability to pick up my pencil drawings. Granted…my scanner is not great and it is notoriously difficult to get accurate scans of tonal work but still! ( ╬●∀● ) Regardless, I wanted to show the original pencil scan of the cloaked crowd because it is really nice in person and there are few things I love more than rendering fabric…ahhh the joys of my life.

Also here is the last panel without the bell obscuring things. I vowed to give more time and love to backgrounds in this chapter and I am making good on that promise! This was the most elaborate panel in terms of layers and lighting that I have ever done and I learned a lot! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

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