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That wraps up chapter three! I really can’t believe its over, it feels like I started working on it yesterday. SO I will be back next week with the chapter four cover but then I am taking a break! A proper break! I am in need of a good rest and want to get a good start on the next chapter. I think two weeks will be more than enough, so I will be back updating on July 3rd! I will update on Monday if there are any changes.

Thank you, thank you so much to everyone reading. As always please vote for West Seven below, and never hesitate to leave a comment or ask any questions. I respond to everything!

Thank you again, Samantha W.


How are all of your pages so beautiful?! The amount of detail you put into them is amazing. I’m so excited for the next chapter!! Squee!!

Wow, that’s one hell of a last page. Love it!
Again Edgar’s perched like a pet, which is bizarrely adorable. And a little bit scary, since he could get over-protective about Victor being too trusting of this new person.
I don’t think we even have confirmation yet that she can ~see~ Edgar. (shush.. don’t tell us 😛 )

If that’s Victor’s arm being offered, as a visual aid to the story he’s about to tell, it looks like he’s been charting his escape from some labyrinthine prison by cutting the route into his own flesh. Hardcore!

Thank you so much for the story so far and the comment replies alongside it.
Good luck with upcoming stuff, I hope your time off recharges you.


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