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*Sings* I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes..

Awesome page. The high contrast across the middle panels really jumps out nicely. And Victor is ~almost~ smiling.

Jane Doe’s fingers have become reminiscent of Edgar’s down there, with the stripey bandage effect. Creepy intimacy time! 💖

One small continuity error? Her right hand was already humanised in the previous page, I think. But it’s claws again up top here.

Thanks for the Extras on this one. I don’t think it’s too crowded but you do tend to prefer a lot of negative space so I get where you’re coming from. Maybe the black-on-black of her hand in the last panel is a bit muddy, compared to the high contrast elsewhere. But there’s meaning in that if you want there to be.

I KNOW it’s pretty much Victor’s first time showing human emotion. I was very excited for this.

YES some clarification, the floating image of the girl where one of her arms was normal and the other was mutated, was like a dreamy, out of time, out of place image to show the contrast of her arms before she woke up and after. Sorry for the confusion, I just thought it would be some interesting imagery. For the last panel on this page, that is Edgar sitting beside Victor. It will be more clear on the next page that Edgar has shown up again.

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