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The phrase ‘old souls’ comes to mind for this page.

As well as having those sleep-deprived eyes, Victor seems to possess hands that have seen more lifetimes than his apparent youth implies.

As I’ve said before I love your hand-work (handiwork?) but I wonder now if Victor’s are intended to be ‘afflicted’ in the way his eyes are, or if it’s just your exuberance for drawing hands. I think I remember reading in a How To Draw Manga book that every line you add to a face (or I guess hands) adds years to the subject’s age. The rule doesn’t really apply in a story like this, but I guess I’m asking if you want his hands to seem older and/or having suffered more hardship? Or if you just love giving them a lot more attention than most bother doing.

Either way I love them! In all their angsty, white-knuckled glory here.

I was just talking about this with my sister! Yes, it is a combination of both. Victor has experienced a lot of trauma and hardship in his life so far, so his hands and face are supposed to show the effect of those experiences. HOWEVER a lot of the time I do just go overboard with the detail and thus the hands, and especially under the eyes, end up looking aged quite a bit. I just love,love,love drawing folds and creases in the skin and can’t stop myself.

Thank you for your love and appreciation of the details regardless, haha.

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