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So this is your ‘mid seas finale’ but without the annoying wait. 😀

I really really like the way he’s standing there. He has so much weight and solidity about him. The drape of the clothing probably has a lot to do with this, but also something in his gait. He seems to be firmly stuck there in time and space, even with that abstract starry floor, standing with a figurative and literal heavy burden on his shoulders. And yet he seems kind of resigned to it, pragmatic about his fate. Or he could just be in shock at her news. As usual, each viewer brings their own baggage to interpretations. 😛

I’m trying to figure out if she feels bad for bringing bad news to him, or despairing of her own condition. Maybe both here. Their conversation has been nebulous over the last few pages, so I’m hoping clarity comes in the next few. At first he was the mouthpiece of exposition, telling her [and us readers] about the Order. And now she’s the one revealing they are presumed / wanted dead by others. So they’ve taken turns with some hefty lore. I’m wondering which one to relate to as the lost soul. I guess both, but they each have pieces of a great puzzle.

Keep up the awesome artwork!

Your interpretation is absolutely perfect, as per usual. I am really thrilled that I was able to communicate what you picked up from the art work. Again it makes all the thought and effort I put into it well worth it for comments and insight like this!

I also have always really loved it when different characters have different fonts or speech bubbles. Not only cause it adds more visual interest but also because it makes things more clear. She did finish his sentence as she slowly realized what position she was in, and what he was trying to communicate to her but was to nervous to say.

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