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Edgar looks almost vulnerable here.
I really like it.

(I rewrote that comment twice before deciding to send it. At first I wrote almost feminine; something about the softness of the shoulder and its angle, but that didn’t fit. Then I rewrote it as almost submissive, but that didn’t work either, and it had me scowling at myself for conflating those two words, as if they are somehow synonymous. Edgar, despite the name, needs a distinctly unisex point of reference, I feel. And so he, or it, looks vulnerable here, to my mind. Yet that boisterous foot sticking up also grants him a certain bestial wariness. Not merely reclining on the bed, but perhaps poised on the edge of it.)

Beautiful work! I’m glad to see a more nuanced glimpse of Edgar, beyond the spirit-guide trope I’ve been associating with it.

Whaaaa your comments are just so beautiful. Thank you, as always, for the care and attention you put into every word.

It will be some time before Edgar’s nature and origins are fully revealed, but I will say that he does care deeply for Victor. His gestures in these panels are definitely meant to display real concern. Also, Victor refers to him as a “he”, but you were absolutely right that as an entity he is gender neutral. The name too is just something Victor began to call him after seeing it on the front of a book.

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