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Congrats on ending Chapter Two. Will there be a break or straight onto the next page as usual?
I’ve made myself a bookmark to visit and vote every day anyway. :3

Weren’t you at around #500 for a while? Now #308. ^_^

Soon to be on page 3 I hope. Keep it up!

I’ve been trying to comment on your latest Extra (Ch2 Pg23 Process) but it keeps giving a posting error, no two different browsers. Here it is anyway:

This is amazing.
Like they’re coming to life.
The non-existent part 4 of these, in my mind, is a gentle breeze stirring their hair and those little glowing embers dancing about. 😀

If you know someone who is good at flash-animating still images that would be an awesome Extra / Social Media Promo / Voting rank milestone unlock. ^_^

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