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Oh good a vote thing \o/.

High-res made me notice the lips on top of teeth.. what disturbing doctors. Or celestial assassins. Or something!

Yes! Is there anything else you would like to see as an incentive??

High res of the most recent page is pretty good incentive, generally. Especially if like today’s it reveals little details the standard page viewer might miss. Everyone loves Easter eggs!
Speaking of Easter eggs: Perhaps you can do more holiday themed meta art of certain characters, as other Top Webcomics artists do?
Unless you think it would detract from the tone (even though Edgar in a Santa hat or hauling a Krampus sack would be brilliant ^_^ )

Or better yet (though I’m reluctant to ask) you could begin introducing backstory / bio elements for certain characters or even locations in the story.
It would probably have to be non-pivotal information so that those who don’t see it don’t -need- to see it.
The reason I was reluctant to suggest it is that so much of the intrigue at the moment hinges on how little we know about what’s going on. For me at least.
To take an example from David Lynch; when we found out who killed Laura Palmer on Twin Peaks, some would say the magic was mostly gone.
Certainly the ratings took a big hit, though hardcore fans never wavered.

Maybe you can make a weekly or fortnightly ‘collectable card’ style sketch of one character, even unimportant ones, to teaser some additional lore of the world you’re creating. Dark Souls style of storytelling, you know?
I think this kind of info might eventually populate your About / Characters pages? It’s too soon right now to flesh out those pages, I presume. In fact I was reading for some time before realising the story even -had- an introductory text tucked away in the About section.

Thanks again for this great artwork.

Wow dude. I am so behind this. This is fantastic! I’m legitimately disturbed by some of these twists. Masterful artwork btw. I love how your able to tell such an interesting story with mostly images. I do wish people would talk sometimes though…

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