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Taa-daa……~(-◎v◎-) So here it is. As you may be able to tell I went full psycho for this page and it took me an inordinate amount of time to finish. I mean I think it is the best page I have ever done but…yes.

Firstly, I know I wanted to paint the cloaks to save time…but as I have said before, pencil shading is very, very therapeutic for me and I neeeddedd to shade all of those lovely cloaks. Haha when things are stressful for me this is the kind of page you get. Also, I REALLY had a vision for the bottom panel and I wanted it to come into reality. It took a lot of work but I am soo pleased with how it turned out!

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Aaaaaah it’s glorious. *Votes twice, again*

Lucky for Victor & Ophelia that this is a culture of hooded cape wearers ^.^

Due to the many vertical lines reaching to the top of the page from the two towers, it gives me the cinematic impression of a crane camera lowering slowly into the impressive establishing shot!

The location reminds me of The Mall road, in London:

Except, in times gone by. Or times gone wrong.

Yes! The traditional religious like culture makes for cloak wearing citizens, but the aesthetic and dress are different for each of the four Domains. Famines aesthetic is the most classic and simple, all of the clothes being heavily draped and hooded.

I hate it when things go unexplained so earlier on I tried to make it clear that the abandoned building was filled with clothes. Like here. Although the reason for that is yet to be revealed, that is why Victor and Ophelia were able to have cloaks! >__<

Times gone wrong indeed!

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