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*。:*:☆A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!☆:*:。・゚.*

Here is a special New Years drawing for you all! I am sending you all my love and appreciation! (๑♡⌓♡๑)
Thank you so much for reading and joining this little world, and I am so excited for the new year and what is coming next in the story.

I am going to post a blog entry to accompany this image because it turns out I have a lot I want to say! So that will be up very soon…

Hope you are all having an amazing day/evening! ♡



It’s funny to read that you designed Ophelia to be a mix including body horror, because she’s so lovely and graceful that I can’t see her arms and hands as “horror.” She’s like Edward Scissorhands in that her claws might be awkward for day-to-day living, but “inconvenient” is the worst thing I can call them.

They seem to me to be anchors that keep her grounded, literally. She’s so light that without them she might just float away.

Thank you for sharing her with us!

Oh thank you. (灬♥ω♥灬) Yes it’s funny I have known her for so long that I have no idea what an outside impression of her would be. I wasn’t sure if her arms would disturb people but of course my hope would be that they would be secondary to her over all beauty and kind personality.

Thank you for this insight!

And of course Edward Scissorhands was an influence as well! I was and am still SO in love with that character. ♡‿♡

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