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This is big folks! They are leaving the abandoned building!

Maaan this page also went through a hundred revisions but I really like how it turned out. Always love when Edgar is in a page, wisps and smoke tying him together with Victor, leading him forward.

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First, another absolutely gorgeous page! Second, I love how he speaks to Edgar (presumably in his mind since he didn’t stutter) in such a familiar way. How long has he been seeing/speaking to Edgar? Was Edgar the same…entity that his mother saw? Argh! I want to know more!

Thank youuu! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ I am putting a lot of care into each and every detail these days!

YEEES! He communicates with Edgar through his thoughts, which is why he isn’t stuttering, SO happy you noticed! And, yes Edgar has been Victors only source of companionship for a very long time, appearing first when he was 12.

I am very excited by your question but unfortunately I have to make you wait to find out!!

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