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Victor did a not so nice thing…(꒪⌓꒪)

Yes, this guy was a totally useless guard, but I will defend him! In a world where there is basically zero dissidents a lot of the Sentry don’t have a lot of practice doing anything. So yes, the young ones are totally incompetent haha.

This is a GREAT page for looking at tiny details so be sure to vote below and look at the FULL SIZE IMAGE!


All I could think of on first seeing the caption was “Victor did a not … nice thing” suing to the tune of this little ditty by Chris Isaak.
The scar where the poor guard’s top-knot might have been is … intriguing. Injuries and mutilation are horrifically fascinating. There’s the same male-female differential in wishing to have injuries or disabilities as there is with sex-change surgeries, which is also kind of fascinating when one thinks of the surgery involved. Make just a few assumptions and get to Brave New World and all that … except Ursula K. LeGuin used to make those same assumptions in her Tales of Earthsea but would surely denounce those as retrograde now. Still, that sort of thing, along with the Uncanney Valley effect associated with same, is fantastic fodder for viscerally interesting horror … you know, like all this. Eek!
On another note, since whatever was in the kerchief seems to have been haemorrhagic, one wonders if the guard’s mouth was Joker-like before or after whatever fast-acting corrosive agent used by our hero. At least the guard’s shoulders are no longer tired from holding up that grease-gun (the US version of the super-cheap but wickedly cool-looking Stens, the M-3).

I am so pleased you’re pleased. one takes one’s life in one’s hands in making certain observations … but less so than pouring your soul onto a page of original, disturbingly wonderful art, as you do. It’s really haunting stuff, which is NOT easy to pull off. You’ve reached out and touched the Divine back, like Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, if more purposefully than the first man, who didn’t quite appreciate that what he was doing was special … it just was.

Also, when it comes to the scalp scar, one could think of highly specific lobotomizing, but I’m thinking brain scarab … or a remote camera. That would explain the off-side eye.

Hooray, my sneaky double voting is working again.
On reflection, it must be just the timing.. near the end of the month every comic has received so many votes that one or two more may not even shift your ranking by 1. But, right after the monthly tally, the smallest amount of votes can move you much higher. Sweet.

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