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Who should they really be scared of? (╯•﹏•╰)

MAN this page was so boring to draw haha. Sentry are all supposed to look more or less the same but it made for tedious subject matter.


I had a conversation with Jay in the comments last week about advertising. Right now running adds on Top Webcomics is my main way to promote the comic and reach an audience. Of course, as the author, promoting West Seven is something I want to do but Jay asked if there was a way to pay for add-space as a way to support the comic. I really hadn’t thought about accepting support from readers but of course that would be wonderful!

I looked into it and found Ko-Fi, basically an online tip jar to allow creators to get some monetary support from those who would like to offer. SO! I set that up and now you can donate to West Seven below. I will be using any and all support to buy add space and promote the comic further.

BIG thank you to Jay for offering and thus making me look into it!


Hooray! Coffee-scented advert monies~

I love the smell of coffee, but can’t stand the taste. Weird.

I just tested out the donation button. And it looks like Ko-fi doesn’t even take a bite out of it, which was a pleasant surprise, so I guess they are just a free platform for artists and fans, with ads or affiliate revenue of their own. Cool.

Let me know if that worked okay.

Oh and I’d be curious to know if it says your payment came from ‘Ko-fi Labs’ or just your tipper.

Ohhhh man the coffee ploy is real rough for me right now. I have been an avid coffee drinker and fan my whole life but decided to quit recently. (-◎y◎) What hilarious timing.

Thank you! I got the donation! It’s funny, I get two e-mails, one from Ko-fi saying I got a donation and one from Paypal saying who I got money from. Happy it is a legitimate Paypal partner and not something more complicated.

Noticing the eye injuries or lack thereof on the different red uniforms …. poor guys.
Also, no shoulder strap for the guy in back with the grease-gun … those things get heavy. I suspect he shall be laying his burthen down pretty soon though, if not beating his sword into a plowshare.

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