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But she is just so darn cute! What could have them all so afraid? 「(°ヘ°) ?

HEY SO I forgot to share that I won the creativity prize in the Top Webcomics Halloween contest! Thank you to everyone that voted for my entry and I SO thrilled that the judges liked my piece and chose it as their pick! They announced the winners here.

My promotion prizes will be running from today until the 27th, so look for them when you vote below!


In the about page I am searching for visual clues about that omnipresent, Tolkienish eye. Instead, I keep getting drawn into the smoke, the flowers, the wings, and, of course those eyeless watchers.
Lovely work on each page, and it makes me quite alarmed for the guards, though I know they’re likely bad guys, that their superior knows who “the girl” is.

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