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This is another moment that has been with me from the beginning of writing the story!
Happy to have finally drawn it! It’s my favourite drawing of Edgar so far for sure. ╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

Alright I will be back on Monday with the chapter five cover and then I will be taking a week and a half break!

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Aaaaah I love it. I love it. I love it. <3

His neck and spine are getting some loving attention here.
Seeing Edgar in a new light now (apocalyptically romantic candle light – good for summoning guardian demons :P)

I never thought of it before, but if you flesh out his dead head, I suppose he'd be a Minotaur of sorts? No hooves, but they would deprive us of such expressive feet studies you do.

He seems to have a second mouth on his stomach. After he eats you, he can eat you again? 😀 That was the symbolism used for a hunger-entity in a web game I played once. Being supernaturally insatiable could also be a curse, I suppose.

Oh, maybe Edgar's a sin-eater! Historically, they consumed the last meal of the recently deceased to absorb their earthly sins, to ease their onward journey to the afterlife. In Victor's case, Edgar might be a similar scapegoat of necessary evils, towards Victor's escape to a greater good. Maybe he could never have done terrible things to his various kidnappers without this ethereal hand-cleansing totem – whether it's even real or not!

*Head-canon explodes once again on a wild tangent.*

Romantically Apocalyptic plays on some of that.
Yes, the exposed bony architecture for everything neural is very disturbing … and kind of wonderful. The lipless mouths all over Edgar are indeed thought provoking, though I will learn from St. Augustine and assume we’re not (yet) meant to enter unto these mysteries.
I have to admit that I’m perhaps most fascinated my the bloodless, machine-like precision of Edgar’s cut hands. At least one visible thumb seems cut all the way ’round, but higher up the hand, it seems that cuts stop before filleting the palms. Palmistry? Self-harm? Ritualized, de-personalized mechanical torture? Whatever it is, it’s riveting. I feel almost as creepy for being drawn to this suffering as Jack Kevorkain seemed to people when he kept expressing a desire to watch their eyes when they died “for science” … he got into assisted suicide because prisoners and their guards chased him away from death row and ill inmates, and hospitals didn’t like him interacting with patients or their families because he gave off that serial killer vibe.

Some great theories on Edgar’s hands. They’ve fascinated me too, especially now I see that his moment of creation / first summoning scene here is at a time when Victor’s all bandaged up too. It sort of binds them thematically.

I’m also happy to keep the mystery – speculating aloud is so much fun, especially with an attentive artist. 😀

I’ve never heard of this Jack guy, but now I must Wiki him.
A pathologist and euthanasia advocate / enabler? He made machines he called the Thanatron (Thanos – death machine) and the Mercitron (mercy machine) which injected or gassed people when they push a button to commit suicide. He apparently counselled them, rigged them up to it, and let them push the switch. Even if he rejected 4 out of 5 people who wanted it, that’s kinda crazy. Especially since some of them were found after death to have apparently been not terminal, some not even diseased at all.. but were depressed or hypochondriac. Jack seems to have had an unhealthy obsession with utilising the dead to enhance or prolong the living. And his focus seemed to be on the death aspect over the potential altruism of organ / blood donating. I suppose his exposure to so many bodies in his professional career desensitised him to things most of us have a healthy gut aversion to. I wonder if he was a eugenicist. My hunch is he would have ‘thrived’ in a war-time morgue. He might even have made great discoveries, but at what ethical cost? I might have to watch his biopic now “You Don’t Know Jack”.

I thought bandages at first too, and for some reason didn’t say anything here (until now). You’re probably more on track than I am. Your post hath the ring of truth … or maybe you’ve got a keyboard like them old typewriters that bing when you return them to the left.
Jack Kervokian was a real cutting edge visionary in the culture wars … which makes me very leery of getting involved in such movements. He was, in hindsight, one step removed (God bless that step) from serial-killerdom. At the time, he was generally considered a hero, especially by reporters who had not met him. Those who did, face to face, generally came away with their ardour much cooled.

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