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As a life-long lover of the macabre, the gory, the monstrous and the disturbing, Halloween is my favourite holiday! Hope you are all enjoying your Halloween weekends. I am happy to be able to contribute to all things spooky with my comic!

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Hint of a smile~ ^_^

Even Edgar looks a little toothy with hope. Hmm.. his nose-hole is smiling like a demented pumpkin (according to my Halloween-obsessed brain, tonight).

Thanks! 😀

*゚✲*☆Besssttt Frieenndsssss 。*゚✲*☆

At this point in his life Victor is completely unfazed by a mysterious horse skulled creature appearing in front of him. Just fascinated.

I think I can imagine. I wouldn’t blame him if he starts laughing in the next scene, delirious with acceptance that he has finally gone mad. Which, as ‘options’ go, is probably a relieving improvement on some truly awful situations like his.

If you make Edgar ‘break character’ and give Victor a protective, catatonic head-hug next page, I won’t mind! ^.^

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