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This is a moment that I have had in my mind from the beginning of writing this story. There are several big moments that I think about more often in the story because I think they will be really visually impactful. Any how, this is the first of many pages that I have always been excited to draw since their inception several years ago!

Today’s vote incentive is a process image because the page is mostly..a map..>_ >


Corrected comment:
So … the old chap is American, at least in the broad sense, since that’s a New World centered map.
I say again, this place of Edgar and our protagonist is like Dante’s Elysium … the uppermost, or at least a very high, level of Hell. Hence all the suffering and the frequency of things which (which, not that, because they all seem alive in some way) cannot hold their form.
I am grim enough (I grew up on others’ memories of the Great Depression, the Second World War and the long Hell of Communism) that this fascinates me.
Also, the one thing he couldn’t forget didn’t figure to me to be a world-map. I expected some horror, abuse, or whispers of a nameless dread. good writing.

Wow, I love it. That radial blur on the map with Victor sharply rendered gives a great insight to how his world-view swirled upon seeing it. ^_^ Dizzying revelations.

Must be what seeing the tape felt like, for the resistance members in Man In The High Castle. I’ve only seen 2 or 3 episodes of that so far, though. I keep meaning to go back and see the rest.

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