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You’re* a demon!

Powerful page. All the swirling parchment and smoke gives it a lot of energy and chaos.

Is the smoke to signify that this is Victor’s memory? The difficulty I’m having with this is that similar smoke is used to depict the seemingly supernatural movements of certain watchful entities in the lore. Unless… they are memories of some kind too. Or visitors to a memory, like in a Pensieve! That makes me think of something Doctor Who said once, about everyone he ever meets being long dead. Poignant and sad, but not without a kind of nostalgic hope that they are all part of something greater worth preserving, or at least observing.

The reason I bring that up is to get into the divine mindset of an atemporal being, visiting what we call the present from outside of time – where everything we have done, and will do, is already but a memory within a finite creation. That’s if you subscribe to fatalism, though. In a world with gods, it’s hard not to operate on a platform of determinism, even if said gods have played with dice to some extent by granting free will in a bubble. What they can’t do is grant free will that impacts on their own causality, so it’s always going to be a bit of a petting zoo, even with the most benevolent gods.

Not sure where I’m going with this. The smokey things are voyeuristic! But so is memory. And godhood. There might be something magical that ties all that stuff together, haha. Thanks for making me think and rant.


Thank you, thank you! I really like this page too. (๑꒪▿꒪) I am always so blown away by your thoughts and musings! Your right on the money, the man’s face is blurred because Victor’s memories are damaged due to the trauma of the experience. The smoke is also there because his mind has being affected by the supernatural force or the “being” that his mother made the deal with to secure his freedom. Not only are Victor’s memories touched by this force but his waking mind as well, as shown by his black out in the first chapter.

There is definitely something magical going on that ties everything together! I wish I could tell you everythinngggg. Thank you again for your poetic and insightful comments!

Thanks for responding to everyone so gushingly 😀 (Wow, apparently that’s a real word.)
Your clarifications and occasional teasers here in the comments are more generous than most creative types tend to be with their precious unpublished stuff.
I sometimes have to stop myself asking certain things, because I know I’d rather not know some of the answers.. on the off chance you’d be fully forthcoming!

And now to go do a cheeky double-vote..

“You’re”. Otherwise, excellent, as ever.

Thank youuuuu! (ΟΔΟ;;) Happy you still like the page despite the biggest grammar pitfall haha.

No worries. Future architects, editors, and engineers at the University of Virginia (I went to a prof. school there) made that mistake all the time. It seems to be a generational thing and, as such, doesn’t really reflect poorly on your education and whatnot. It was a frighteningly common error for a few decades … and then teachers took it seriously again, even as they abandoned pronouns (which is incredibly disconcerting to people who speak other languages – I know modern “Chinese” is written in a degendered way, though not when referring to people, but it is weirder than conflating “they’re” and “there” or using “hopefully” to “One/I/we/it is to be hoped” – not as insulting as when Olympic colour commentators neuter the last names of female athletes, but certainly odd) and the agreement of tenses. It ain’t you, man. It’s educational fashion. You attract a very specific kind of reader who notices and cares. Since I am one of them, that’s a self-evident good.
Also, Jay is, like, smart. Also poetic. Perhaps as poetic as you. Whenever I see the smoke, smoke gets in my eyes.
God outside time and space is highly orthodox for Christians and Jews, but, being a monotheist, I’d never considered Jay’s point about the unmoved mover/causality because of the odd way we moderns regard God. I always considered pagan pantheons as either lesser divines, like angels and demons, or as the Norse and Greeks considered them, with definite or potential end-points. I suppose I’m not much of a determinist when it comes to moral action … just physics. Hmm. I shall ponder and eagerly await the continuation of awesomeness.

WOW I am at a loss for words. I am just so incredibly proud and honoured to have such intelligent and thoughtful readers such as yourself. I know the art work and story telling comes first for me and that is where I put forth the most work. The final script actually comes quite last minute and it is definitely a fault of mine to rely heavily on automated spell checking rather than using my own knowledge of grammar. Which is lacking to begin with.

Again a big thank you to you and Jay for bringing the discussion of godlike perspectives forward. I am really enjoying the discourse. 🙂

Hey …. is this fellow outside of time and normal space the doctor/saviour figure in Amends?

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