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Yay! Now it has a vibe like The Giver, by Lois Lowry. With a dash of Ray Bradbury. And a splash of Alan Moore. An inkling of Orwell. And the eye of Tarsem Singh.

BTW, don’t mind my references.. I always think in associations, having consumed endless amounts of media.
Some people think I say “oh you took this from that” ..nooo, I’m saying you’ve evoked some of the same wonderful feels these things have in me. ^_^
Thank you ~

I’m waiting for it all to go wrong, though. No doubt the ministry of truth will come barging into this shadowy gallery of illicit volumes, with truncheon and jackboot. *Hugs himself*

Oh no I like all of the references! I find it really flattering that the comic evokes such incredible stories for you AND that you are enjoying the comic having read and watched so many things. If your taste is so good and you really like my work that has got to mean something right?

Also The Giver was one of the very first books I ever loved! And of course Alan Moore’s works are some of my greatest inspirations!

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