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Boooooooks! <3 So much love for these piles of books. I'm glad you went the extra mile on the location.

Oh, am I reading it wrong that he says books were foreign to young Victor? Or that books aren't foreign to him but there were lots of other things that were.

… Is this guy going to torture lil' V to take the fear out of him? If so, he needs a satisfying sorry end!

Thannnkk yoouuuu! Yes I started off telling myself I would try to simplify, but of course it kind of became therapeutic to draw book after book after book.

It should read that it was the book’s subjects that were foreign to him. Not the books themselves, just the certain types of books. I think I will change the wording to make it more clear, thank you for pointing that out. He read a lot of his father’s anatomical books as a kid but TONS of information is banned or restricted.

I just checked out the Extra for this page (click “view full size” on the bottom right, everyone) and there is something really cosy about step 3 of 4! The light spilling into the room was much more pronounced before all the additional details were added. Did you ‘turn on’ the chandelier after step 3? That might be why the shadow of the pillar has relatively darkened that curious urn in the back corner. Or it could be that dilemma between details and darkness when working with pencils. It’s a tough trade-off.

Something I never quite got the hang of myself was how to differentiate between darker coloured items in the light, and lighter coloured items in the dark.. when doing greyscale artworks. I was pencil sketching Damian Wayne for a friend’s birthday card recently and the inside of his black cape is yellow, but obviously shrouded in a lot of darkness, relative to the black outer fabric in the light. I found it tricky as heck to make it not look like there was a glow-lamp in there xD

Thank you again, and YES the third stage is always my favourite to take process photos of. There is something absolutely wonderful about it and I might start leaving panels more in that condition. I am HORRIBLE at addressing tonal range in my drawings! That is one of the many motivations I have for adding the grey layer to my drawings and punching out the highlights. (*> _ <*) My original drawings are sosososo flat tone wise. So I am not the best person to be asking haha. ヽ(_ _ヽ)彡 I think color is one of the only solutions to difficult situations like Damian's cape for sure!

You know, the webs really fit well with the muscle striations/smoke effects in the room. You tend to make lots of things begin to resemble muscles and connective tissues. I’m just pleased you’re not into viscera. ;-} It’s a chillingly intriguing effect. I was not sure if I liked it at first, but that was long ago.

I just read this whole thing in one sitting, and I’m so glad I found it. Your art is amazing, and you’ve created a fascinating world filled with mysterious characters. I can’t wait to see more!

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