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You got me! I expected Edgar :3

Should we know who this is, or will we wait and see? He travels as smoke, like some other creatures. Yet he looks like a man.

P.S. You’re #201 in the list just now. The top of page 3! Soon to be on page 2, I hope.

Yes it wasn’t until I started posting the last couple pages that I realized…oh hey people are probably going to think he is about to meet Edgar. So it was an unintentional tease. No, you are not supposed to know this man yet.

Yeah! I got up to #150 for like a day! I t was thrilling haha. (◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰

I just noticed, after voting again too early, that it’s one vote “per machine” each cycle.. and so now I’m voting on my phone as well 😛

(But it has to be on 3G, not the Wi-fi, because it recognises the same Router, heh)

BTW, I don’t feel teased by it not being Edgar. It’s cool to see the pantheon expand.

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