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Oh wow. Just found this webcomic today, and I’m already in love! Your art style is truly beautiful, it is not often that you see webcomics with semi-realistic to realistic styles! I’m already excited for the next pages!

Once again, a detail I had missed jumped out at me after looking at the full-size image (by Voting–again, people, click the link!).

Now, I’m sure lots of folks will jump on the shift in his eyes; that’s clearly significant, likely as a signal that whatever was up with his mother (including Edgar) has been passed to him. But I am fixated on something else:

On the left side of the hallway, there are three doors before the corridor hits a T, with the door to the outside straight ahead. The middle of those three doors, however, is different than all the other ones we see in the hallway, and from the one to Victor and his mother’s room. It’s flush with the wall, unframed, has a regular doorknob instead of a handle, no visible lock, and and is actually elevated (the baseboard isn’t cut there, suggesting that the floor space beyond that room is about 2-3″ higher than the hallway’s).

Now, I can think of a few possibilities here.

1: An artist error. This seems very unlikely, given the detail to attention we’ve seen. There’s too many differences to not be immediately noted by Samantha as this was being done.

2: The author/artist simply was using a common reference to their part of the world, which may feature such architectural curiosities. It’s just one of those ways that “Reality isn’t realistic”, to quote TVTropes (ie, if you make things TOO true-to-life, sometimes they come across as unreal, just because usually everything in fiction has some amount of purpose, whereas real life is filled with fiddly bits).

3: It. Means. Something.

Since I’m about 75% certain this building is about to burn down (hence all the smoke effects), which would explain how Victor ended up being unpursued, I’m going to have to start compulsively checking the doorways in all future scenes to see if there’s any other curious doors that don’t seem to fit the background.


Oh wwwoooowww I am just so honoured an impressed that you are taking so much care in observing the pages. As you said, I do put so much time into each and every drawing, having you REALLY look at them makes me feel like its worth it. Thank you so much. I do place a lot of story telling details into the backgrounds and even the bodies and wardrobes of the characters but unfortunately this time the answer is option #2. I was using hospital hallways as a reference to get the right sanitary feel for the building. Many of them had those high set supply doors and I loved the look of them. Sorrryyyyy. (;•͈́༚•͈̀)

Edgar’s nickname, I assume, is “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”.

Hahahahaha. Oh yeah I love this!

I am so pleased you liked it.
I also love the look and feel of the comic. The hospital supply door looked very familiar to me … and now I know why. I spent lots of time in the hospital waiting for my folks to get done with work when I was a kid. Once, in a hospital, I managed to injure myself and have to go to a hospital. Ironic.

No time to cry for young Vic. T_T

I wonder what’s guiding him!

I knowwww, he doesn’t even get a chance to cry for his mom. (;*△*;)

I just spent an hour re-reading the entire thing. A lot of early content makes a hell of a lot more sense now, even silent stuff.. especially silent stuff!

The biggest thing that jumps out at me is the prevalence of smokey entities: Edgar, The SeraphOwl, The Skellicorn, and Mom’s Hart – with its many horns.
I think all of these being have at some point in the story turned to smoke and wafted away to manifest elsewhere.
Even Victor.. did some smokey phasing during his escape. But I think that was hallucination, which he willed away as it was the worst timing for an episode.

I’ve decided you definitely need to publish this as a graphic novel when you’re done. And I would love to be the first to buy it.

YES! I am so happy you went back because I was just thinking the other night how much this page is a direct reference to this page, and I was hoping someone would see that!

Having readers go back is going to be really rewarding for me as the story moves forward because EVERYthing is a hint or allusion to something that will eventually all come together! AH! It’s hard not to give things away in the comments section haha. Speaking of the story moving forward, it will be going…for a long time. With what I have written I have barley…even…started. ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ So I think I will be printing physical books…when I have a couple hundred pages?

Yeah you could look around for a publisher once you have enough already drawn to start releasing it periodically, in a way that new content isn’t caught up too quickly by the published stuff. You wouldn’t want a cliffhanger left a couple months before another was printed or your audience could wander off.

Or, since so many consumers are impatient and micro-payments reign these days, you could release it in smaller episodes using Patreon or a similar platform, digitally or self-published print.

Have you heard of Thunderclap, the social media megaphone service? The idea seems to be that you get a lot of people to agree to shout out your cause or product all at once, across several sites, so that it trends stronger than had they all separately shared or retweeted in trickles. Could be worth a look if you’re considering how to maximise a launch date. ^_^ You have access to visitor data on this site to inform that stuff too though.

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