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Oooh, who or what (in her mind) is she talking to, I wonder.

Theory 1A: Edgar, her imaginary friend.
Theory 1B: She dreamed him up first, then told Victor bedtime stories about him for years, as ‘fiction’ for fear she infects him with it.

Theory 2A: Edgar. But he’s real.
Theory 2B: He is an avatar or angel, for the god Pestilence, who has taken pity on how his Lord’s subjects have misinterpreted certain things.

Theory 3A: That many-horned hart creature.
Theory 3B: It can’t intercede, for vague and unknowable divine reason, so it sends Edgar as subtle counsel for her son Victor.

I also wonder if what she’s asking for comes ‘free’ or if we’re about to see some sacrificial offering to buy Victor a guardian angel.

And now I wonder to what extent Edgar can really intercede.. could he have guided Victor’s hand to cut his own arm, depicting the map out of the facility? Or.. was that pain part of the on-going pact to keep Edgar around? Aaaah, too many possibilities.

…I could spin these all day. ^_^

Thanks again for the awesomeness.

Hm… The thing that jumped out at me (as always, especially in the vote incentive–seriously, folks DO IT), is the mark on his wrist. It looks like what you’d get from wearing handcuffs that have been cinched tight–which would suggest that the Watch (so I dub them in my head, what with those freaky eye-badges) felt the need to take a child of, what, 8 or 9 years of age, and cuff him so tightly it left a long-lasting (permanent?) mark.

Ohhhh I am so happy you are getting so much from the larger pages, thank you!

And yeaaahh, you are not supposed to like The Order at alllll. (๑ò︵ò๑)

Isn’t this scene some years later though?

Yes it is a few years later. Victor and his mother aren’t left entirely alone during this time however, restraints would be used whenever the cell is entered for cleaning or maintenance ect. When Victor’s mother would have “episodes” Victor would be held in another cell or restrained along with his mother. What exactly occurred during this time is only hinted at and never really expressed in the comic so I am embellishing here. Whoops ;; > _ >

Thanks for the filler text though! I did get a passage of time vibe and logically they have to have cell inspections, bed changes and maybe some outdoorsy time in a courtyard or something.

Despite all of this, I’m not 100% against the guards yet. Not for ‘just following orders’ reasons (yuck), but because of that look on one of their faces when they came to take away mom, and because there is still a chance that their culture is just so alien to us readers, where social norms are incomparably different, that there is no room for heroes in a traditional sense. Such a hero would be a 4th wall breaching deviant who adheres to the reader’s morality for reasons unknown. I’ll wait to see if there’s any witting corruption from the top down, I think. Or maybe I missed something, and it’s making me look like an awful authoritarian sympathiser! xD

I don’t think this makes you look like an awful authoritarian sympathiser at all! It’s a rather important point to remember. The characters living in the cities only know this specific reality and way of thinking. Generally, to act against that would require a strong catalyst. Victor’s parents had love motivating them to deviate from the norm. I imagine many of the guards would have love to their families as a motivator to uphold the status quo, that could just as easily be their own loved ones in that cell. It’s wonderfully complex plots and world building like this told through such beautiful artwork that makes this comic such a pleasure to read!

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