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I am suddenly super excited to find out when and why Edgar entered Victor’s life.
Prolonged isolation is ‘good’ for the imagination!

Also, I’m pleased to see some kind of compassion in how they handle illness when a child is involved. I wonder if everyone is treated this way, or if their combined circumstances made an exception to a rule for Victor and his mother. The guards did say she was ‘marked for death’ by being sick, after all, before they saw the child. Maybe most diseased people are just.. culled. Unless by ‘death’ they mean they get to live-to-death, in quarantine.

Thanks and safe travels!

The Order doesn’t directly kill any of their citizens. When someone becomes ill enough that they cannot recover naturally they are sent to “sleep houses” to live until they die naturally. So yes, they get to live until their death in quarantine as you said.

Thank you for the travel wishes! I am finally settled after two months of moving around!

That must be an expensive mental health system, for which I’m sure the people are taxed in kind. Or maybe ‘tithed’ is the better word!

..And I just realised that this sleep house scenario reminds me a little bit of the film / book, Room. Just the living situation and not the other themes, though. That boy grew up with his mom only knowing one room as his entire reality. Tragic and fascinating tale.

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