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Ooooh and I only noticed this in the larger voting picture:
One of the plague doctors has a look of genuine compassion in his eyes. Maybe it’s remorse. If his job is weighing on him (which could be blasphemy) there is a chance he could crack and join the reader’s moral standpoint. It would be cool if he features later on as an accomplice to Victor. A conscientious objector of sorts.

Something I struggle with is when a character steps wildly outside of the established moral code of their world to be more like the viewer. Technically, these characters are all aberrations or deviants, in the context of their own people.. unless a tyranny exists and there are rebellious whispers between the citizenry away from prying eyes. In that case, they are heroes or freedom fighters to the people, and terrorists to the tyrant. I didn’t mean to go on this rant, I just wanted to say I loved the guy’s eyes!

tl;dr = Vote, everyone ~ you’ll see a lot more!

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