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Almost done the chapterrrr. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 I can’t believe it! The flash backs were so fun to write and illustrate… and I know these last couple pages are just ramping up to the next story arch and kind of boring. I am excited but also really nervous, the story actually kind of starts next chapter. I’m scared for how long it’s going to take me to draw as things get more elaborate @__@;;
Anywho enough of my ramblings,

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SO just to clarify, the man’s face is obscured because Victor’s mind wont let him remember. I know smoke has been linked to the other worldly creatures so far, but there is nothing super natural about the man. However, there may be something supernatural interfering with Victor’s mind/memories….

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This is a moment that I have had in my mind from the beginning of writing this story. There are several big moments that I think about more often in the story because I think they will be really visually impactful. Any how, this is the first of many pages that I have always been excited to draw since their inception several years ago!

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