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Chapter Five, Page One – Process

Chapter Five, Page One – Process published on 1 Comment on Chapter Five, Page One – Process

Hello! I wanted to show an example of a page that went through about a hundred rounds of edits until I let it be. ( >_< ;;) My tolerance for badly done/ineffective page layouts seems to have disappeared between chapter four and five, so I went over and over the first few pages of chapter five.

The ideal process for a page is: Script >Thumbnail Draft> Final Thumbnail> Pencil Page>Photoshop Editing>Final Edits and Text.

For this page that didn’t happen at all. ( ´༎ຶㅂ༎ຶ`) Haha. Shown above is the original pencil page that I drew from a smaller thumbnail. Although it looked alright as a smaller thumbnail, the page seemed too empty when everything was drawn at full size. I went ahead and did a full edit on it to see what it looked like, but I still really disliked it.

So I re-arranged the panels about three times, got it to a point where I thought it was alright, so I started on the next page. After the second page was nearly finished, I decided the transition from the first to second page wasn’t clear at all and I then decided to draw a whole new panel and add more detail to the first page!

So that is how the first page of chapter five went, hopefully I can avoid such chaotic processes in the future. I will be back with a full page process post, with pictures, very soon!


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It’s really good to see the processes.
Good call on moving her legs down, she looked like a giant up there next to the establishing shot.
But for some reason from the waist up he doesn’t look like a giant.
Anyway, in terms of the narrative, there’s more drama in having the creek, the [!] and her reveal right next to one another 😀

Thanks for sharing!

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